Mounntainbike trail in the Nationaal Park

Yves is chairman of the Maasmechelen Mountain Biking Club. The club focuses on downhill. “Downhill is a specific discipline within mountain biking where the emphasis is on going downhill. But, of course, to go downhill, we first have to go uphill. Technique, dexterity, and balance are very important for downhill riders,” explains Yves.

“We cycle as often as we can. Not all together a lot, but we do meet up for a ride occasionally. That way, we can see each other and learn from each other’s techniques. We always try to pick a time on Saturdays here in Maasmechelen. It’s handy to have such a varied and extensive network close at hand. Sometimes, we’ve got a big group, and sometimes, it’s a little smaller. It depends on everyone’s planning. Maasmechelen has an extensive and very beautiful mountain biking network, ideal for those who enjoy mountain biking sporadically and it’s a fun way to keep in shape. Maasmechelen has some nice courses for those who like speed as well as for those who want to improve their technique. For downhill, we sometimes go to the Ardennes or cross the border to Germany or France for the mountains, but there’s nothing like having such an extensive mountain biking network in our municipality for a mountain bike club president. We shouldn’t have to look far. Not every mountain biker is lucky enough to have a national park on their doorstep.”


“’I’m riding the red trail through the national park with my brother-in-law today. It’s a well-known, but challenging course. There are some nice parts. It’s been fairly dry for a few days, but when it rain, the ride is suddenly very different. It’s different every season and even every day. The good ground allows us to enjoy the trails in the national park all year round.


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Mountain bike route – red loop
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