Getting on your bike and going for a nice ride is fun, but discovering beautiful places to stop is even more fun. Discover the five MaasMajestic stops and don’t miss them the next time you cycle through the national park.


Terhills is perhaps the most popular hotspot in the national park. And rightly so! The walk or ride to it can be a bit tough, but you immediately forget that when you get to the top and enjoy the panoramic view. You cannot get all the way to the top by bike. Park your bike for the last bit and hike up the Terril or the shaft tower to enjoy a MaasMagical view.


On the bridge – Cycling through Heathland

When you cross the ‘Cycling through Heathland’ bridge, stop for a moment and experience the beautiful heath like nowhere else. You experience nature with all your senses here. The smell of heather and herbs, the sounds of the birds around you, the lovely breeze blowing through your hair and, of course, the beautiful panoramic view. Your batteries will be recharged for the rest of your trip.


In the middle of the heath

You can also put your bicycle aside for a moment in the middle of the heathland to enjoy it. This time, you’re not looking at the heathland from above, but standing right there in the middle of it.


Kikbeek Spring Valley

Time to break out your picnic! The Kikbeek Spring Valley is a lovely stopping place equipped with a cosy picnic bench. Perfect for a MaasMeal in style. The picnic bench is located at the top of the Kikbeek Spring Valley. The murmuring water in the background ensures a peaceful break before you start pedalling again.


Zandloper Path

The Zandloper Path is not accessible by bicycle, but it is certainly worth a hike. This 1.5 km wheelchair-accessible path through the former sand pit gives you glimpses into the various biotopes of the national park. A bird-watching wall, a plank bridge, and some physical challenges complete the experience.