Ellen and her family at Leut Castle

We meet Ellen (42) and her two sons – Jonas (14) and Jarne (13) – at Leut Castle on a sunny evening. They are waiting here together for dad Dirk (50), who has come straight from work, so that they can go on a pleasant evening stroll and soak up some culture. “We’re culture people,” says Ellen. “I am from Maasmechelen; my parents still live here. Close to Leut Castle actually. We’ve been here a few times already, we’re here now for the heritage hike in particular.”

Ellen wears her camera around her neck. Besides hiking and soaking up culture, she loves to capture her family and the beautiful surroundings on film. “I’d heard about the hike here at the castle that you can do using the Erfgoed app, which lets you learn more about the place. I’ve been here many times before, but by using the app, I learned something new about this fairy-tale place today.”

Dirk adds, “It’s nice to discover more about this place using an app. Our sons have grown up in the smartphone generation. They all know TikTok, YouTube, and Instagram, but we think it’s important to introduce them to things like the Erfgoed app as well. They often don’t discover them themselves or through friends, but they do enjoy being able to use the app while hiking.  I would recommend the app and the hike to anyone, with or without teenagers.”


There is a lot for adults, teenagers, and children alike to discover at Leut Castle. You can hike and cycle in the neighbourhood and stop at the castle; you can take a covered wagon ride with the wine growers of Leut to visit their vineyards and wine cellars in the Castle; young people can do an exciting treasure hunt around the Castle; and the little MaasMonsters can follow Pipa’s Castle Park walk to learn about Leut Castle for the first time.


Will you, like Ellen’s family, come and soak up the culture at Leut Castle? Discover the hike and the Erfgoed app here.