Picnic along the Maas

You’ll find Celeste outside, weather permitting. She’s very outdoorsy and enjoys the peaceful natural landscape that Maasmechelen has to offer. You can do that in any season, as long as you dress accordingly.  Apart from being out in nature, Celeste also enjoys catching up with friends. She hadn’t seen Tine and Jolien for a while because of their busy schedules, but Celeste took the initiative to set up a cosy picnic along the Maas River, and of course, her friends couldn’t say no to that.

“It’s been a while since we’ve seen each other, but whenever we meet up, it’s really like no time has passed at all and we’ve been doing things together every day. I know just what to bring to make it the very best picnic ever,” laughs Celeste as she takes a sip of rosé. “Plus, there are plenty of lovely picnic spots in Maasmechelen,” Jolien adds. “So we shouldn’t let it so much time pass again before we have another picnic. But this is really my favourite place. Every time I come here for a hike and take a moment to rest, it’s completely different.  Sometimes, you can see the cows in the roaming pasture up close; the kayaks glide gleefully over the Maas in the summer; then it’s wonderful to see the flowers and plants growing on the banks in the spring; and it’s even wonderful to enjoy the winter sunshine here along the Maas when the weather is nice.”


Celeste heads over from Maasmechelen. “I’m a Maasmechelen girl at heart. I’m less than 5 kilometres from my house and I feel like I’m in paradise. We also cycle or hike together in Maasmechelen sometimes, but then it’s not really for the exercise, but more for the good chats and the beautiful places we want to visit.”

“The Kikbeek Spring is another place you really have to go. It’s great for a picnic or a rest during your trip through the heathland and the photos always look good on Instagram. That place is one of my favourite places in Maasmechelen, apart from this one,” Tine continues.

“I know Maasmechelen well, but I still keep discovering fantastic new places every week.”


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