Selfies on top of the Terril

A hiking trail in Maasmechelen that guides you along the most beautiful, Instaworthy spots? That’s what Janne has promised Melany and Sarah. “You don’t have to go on holiday abroad to post beautiful photos on your Instagram feed. By following the green hiking loop in the national park, you pass gorgeous places that are absolutely Instaworthy,” emphasises Janne. 

“I always call this hike the Instagram Trail. Anyone who is in Maasmechelen and wants to take a good Instagram photo should hike this trail. You’re guaranteed to get a lot of likes!”

“Plus, we can have a nice chat during our hike. We don’t see each other every day or every week because of our studies and work, but all three of us grew up in Maasmechelen and have known each other for years. Maasmechelen connects us. We went to school here and have been friends since primary school. Sarah no longer lives in Maasmechelen, but we made a lot of memories here as little girls. So it’s nice to meet up here and do something together,” says Melany. “This time we met at the national park for the green loop, or the Instagram Trail as Janne calls it,” says Sarah. “There are a few benches on the trail for taking breaks between hikes, enjoying the view, chatting and, of course, taking selfies. When we’re together, we always take lots of pictures to capture the moments. If we don’t see each other for a while, we forward the photos or post them on social media to be reminded of the moment. We may not be together physically, but we’re always closely connected to one another.”

“The path to the top of the Terril is a bit tough if you’re not used to hiking a lot, but the view makes up for it. When I stand on the top, I momentarily forget everything around me. I would recommend this hike to everyone. And don’t forget to take a photo on top of the Terril and post it to your Instagram,” Janne concludes.

Terhills gateway – green loop
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