Real daredevils certainly get their money’s worth in Maasmechelen. There are plenty of activities that would make most people tremble, but which true daredevils are not afraid to try. Are you a real daredevil coming to Maasmechelen? Then be sure to check out the activities below!

How about:

A wonderful balloon ride

Discover Maasmechelen from the air. Fly over the beautiful, expansive countryside for a majestic experience from start to finish. This isn’t just some everyday activity, so make sure you choose a place that’s just as unique. Discover the only national park in Belgium from a completely unparalleled perspective.


A challenging mountain bike route

The national park has numerous mountain bike routes, so it’s the ideal setting for sweating on a bike. All the trails are challenging, no matter the distance. Jump on your mountain bike and tear over the beautiful forest paths. Pedal, brake, skid… Go wild during this activity. 


A challenging escape room

You can escape both indoors and outdoors in Maasmechelen. You’re trapped and must escape! Can you solve the riddles and complete the tasks to free yourself? Indoor escape rooms with a mafia, bank robbery, or prison theme are waiting for you to conquer them. You can also play an insane city escape game on a bicycle during the summer months. Are you up to the challenge?


A lightning-fast wakeboard initiation

this activity is for the daring without a fear of cold water. You will probably fall into the water a few times during an introductory water-skiing or wakeboarding session. But once you’re out there, you feel like a fish in the water or on your board.