Welcome to Maasmechelen, where culinary pleasures and luxurious accommodation go hand in hand! Our charming municipality has a wealth of delightful surprises for the gourmet in you.


We have already selected a top 5 of lodgings for you, each with its own restaurant to pamper your taste buds.

Hotel Al Mulino 

In this old windmill, you will discover the secrets of Italian cuisine. Enjoy the authentic flavors and aromas of fresh pasta and Italian dishes, prepared with love and passion. The menu of Hotel Al Mulino is a culinary journey through Italy, and the atmosphere will make you feel like you are in the heart of Tuscany.


Hotel Porta Cité 

Porta Cité is a true culinary treasure in Maasmechelen, where you will be spoiled not in one, but in two restaurants! At Puccini and Grand Café Leonardo, you will be treated to dishes that are a flavor explosion. The chefs present their masterpieces with attention to detail, and the wine list offers the perfect complement to your meal. Enjoy the impeccable service and indulge yourself with delicious treats.


Osteria Cellini 

If you are looking for the true flavors of Mediterranean cuisine, then Osteria Cellini is your destination. The culinary delights inspired by the coast of Italy and the surrounding regions will make your taste buds dance. The homely atmosphere and warm hospitality make this restaurant a must-visit.


Terhills Resort 

Imagine a resort where you can not only relax in luxury but also enjoy gourmet delights. That's exactly what Terhills Resort offers. Let yourself be pampered with delicious dishes in their own restaurant Terland and enjoy the beautiful surroundings of the Hoge Kempen National Park.


Terhills Hotel 

New at Terhills Hotel is Bistro Bureau Bouveau, where you can enjoy a varied menu of regional dishes for lunch and dinner. Hotel guests and non-resident guests are welcome at the hospitable tables and bar, where refreshing cocktails and light snacks are served from noon onwards.


So, what are you waiting for? Let your taste buds be seduced and experience an unforgettable culinary experience during your stay in Maasmechelen. Enjoy the culinary highlights and the luxury of these fantastic lodgings.


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