3 geerations shopping in Maasmechelen

Those who want to have a MaasModemindful life will certainly find what they are looking for in Maasmechelen. Maasmechelen offers numerous indoor and outdoor shopping opportunities. M2 Shopping Centre, Fashion Point, the Kruindersweg, Maasmechelen Village, the Pauwengraaf, the village centre, and the Rijksweg. All shopping enthusiasts are welcome in Maasmechelen.

Annemie (65), Maïté (33), Emilia (6), and Estella (3) also went shopping in Maasmechelen.

Annemie is Maité’s mum and Emilia and Estella’s grandma. The three generations are out and about together. “I like to come to Maasmechelen to shop. I can find things for everyone in my family here. My husband Joris isn’t much for shopping, but I know what he needs and can just pick it up for him. We love coming to our regular shops here in Maasmechelen. And if Joris doesn’t want to come along, I can count on my mum, of course. We love shopping together. So we just make it a nice girls’ outing with Grandma and the kids. Emilia and even Estella already know very well what they themselves like and dislike. She certainly gets that from her grandmother,” laughs Maïté.


“We’re looking for new school shoes. And Maïté and I also have a few shops in mind that we’d definitely like to visit. We discuss where we want to go well in advance. Plus, it shouldn’t take too long since we have the girls along,” says Annemie. “They’re still small, but there is plenty of variety here in Maasmechelen. There are lots of indoor and outdoor cafés at various places. Because you can’t skip your coffee in between stores. If the kids can enjoy themselves on a playground, it’s the ideal break to do some shopping afterwards.


“And we always finish the day with a delicious pasta in Maasmechelen Village. Our two little fashionistas are also looking forward to this.”

Maasmechelen Village
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