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Mijn MaasMomenten is de handige planningstool van de website Visit Maasmechelen. Zo maak je jouw uitstap naar Maasmechelen nog gemakkelijker. Duid jouw favoriete activiteiten, restaurants en overnachtingsmogelijkheden aan met het Mijn MaasMomenten label. Dit staat steeds aangegeven bij iedere pagina. 

Rechtsboven kan jij navigeren naar de Mijn MaasMomenten pagina. Bekijk welke activiteiten je selecteerde in een handige lijstweergave of op de kaart. Deel jouw MaasMomenten met vrienden of druk ze af. 

Ga er snel mee aan de slag. 

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Visiting a city in a different way always reveals new things. Even if you think you know all the hidden gems, with this unique city game, you'll see Maasmechelen in a completely different light. Are you ready for an adventure?


The magic begins with the special CityEscape MaasMechelen box and the accompanying game app (Cluekeeper) on your phone. Once you've activated your city game, you can start at Visit Maasmechelen. The route takes you through history, nature, and breathtaking views while also engaging your detective skills. Challenging puzzles and riddles – one even with augmented reality – immerse you completely in the game.


Fully charged up? Let’s go!

Adventure and nature come together in this unique city game that takes you through the enchanting landscape of Eisden-Tuinwijk and Terhills, in the beautiful Hoge Kempen National Park. This is the perfect experience for a day out with family, friends, or colleagues. Work together to solve the puzzles and continue your journey, or get a hint via the app if you're stuck. A quick tip: make sure your mobile phone battery is fully charged before starting the game.

Practical Information

  • Language: Dutch 
  • Starting Point: Visit MaasMechelen, zetellaan 35, 3630 MaasMechelen 
  • Distance: +/- 3 hours (6.8 km) 
  • Players: 2 to 6 players per game 
  • Price: €35 per game box 
  • Difficulty: 2/4

Want to compete against each other in different groups? Then purchase multiple boxes.


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Visit MaasMechelen, zetellaan 35, 3630 MaasMechelen


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CityEscape MaasMechelen
zetellaan 35
3630 Maasmechelen
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