Action in the Aquaparc

We meet up with Max, Jorn, Lindert, and Arne at the cable park in Terhills. They’ve come to have fun at the aqua park, an inflatable park of 2,000 m² with over 60 inflatable obstacles and elements. Climbing, clambering, sliding, and jumping fun guaranteed. Everyone who is 8 years or older with swimming experience may venture into this play paradise. Who do you want to come and have fun with?

“We saw the people from the previous time slot at the aqua park while we were putting on our life jackets and water shoes. Young and old can have fun together here. The dad could barely keep himself upright while his two teenage sons braved the obstacles like these were nothing. Three friends were able to help a fourth friend over an obstacle that she’d already failed several times, and a leader approached us to take a group photo of the youth club at the aqua park. I recommend that everyone arrives at the aqua park a little in advance of their scheduled time. Seeing people having fun only makes the anticipation better,” says Lindert.


“We were super excited when it was finally our turn. We couldn’t get on the course fast enough. We hadn’t been on it for a minute before the first of our group went down and landed in the water. One session lasts one hour. That might not seem very long, but it is literally trial and error and that makes it very tiring. If you don’t like falling into the water, then this probably isn’t something for you,” adds Max. “The aqua park is for every level. The higher and further you climb on the air cushions, the more challenging it becomes, with two high climbing towers at the back. We made it to the top together by the end of our session. That requires some teamwork, but that’s what makes it fun. It doesn’t just look fun, it really IS great fun,” says Jorn.


“And after an hour of slogging and crawling over the air cushions, you’ve earned a drink in the beach chairs with your feet in the sand. Then you can have a chat and a laugh while you watch the people from the next session,” Arne concludes.


If you want to have fun at the aqua park like Max, Lindert, Arne, and Jorn, click here for more information.

Terhills Aquapark
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Terhills Aquapark
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Terhills Aquapark