Benny & Kristien biking Purple Perfection

Benny and Kristien like to go cycling when the weather is nice. The Purple Perfection tour of 52 km was the ideal route for them to get to know Maasmechelen.

“We’ve taken a lot of cycling holidays at home and abroad in recent years,” says Benny. “A few years ago, Kristien bought an electric bicycle and I recently got an electric one myself. This will allow us to cover quite a few more kilometres on our bikes. And if you cover more kilometres, you’ll have seen more at the end of the route, too.”

“We like to make time for bicycle rides on the weekends and when we have free time. We dropped by Visit Maasmechelen to find out which cycling route would suit our needs. We received detailed and clear advice and were able to leave immediately for a trip of several hours,” says Kristien.

Cycling through Heathland was a must for Benny and Kristien on their route. As Limburgers, they considered discovering this pearl a must.

“Right after we left Maasmechelen, we came across winding, tranquil cycle paths that led us through the forest,” says Kristien. “It was a lovely start. You don’t have to travel for miles along busy lanes or connecting roads. It was pleasant, peaceful cycling from start to finish. The real reason we chose this trail is, of course, the national park and Cycling through Heathland. It did NOT disappoint. Coming here from the city and cycling over 50 km may sound like effort, but I feel really relaxed after those 52 km. We spent all of the time immersed in nature and enjoyed wonderful views.”


The predominantly flat tour offers a lot of variation. Besides woods and heathland, you also pass the As railway station with the old tracks and train carriages. A little further on from the As railway station is an observation tower from which you have a wonderful view of the national park.


“This bike ride offers variety, which is something I love,” adds Benny. “You’re in the national park most of the time, but there is enough in the vicinity to quench your thirst at a good outdoor café after the tour. This bike ride made us want more. We will definitely be coming back for the beautiful nature. Maybe next time we’ll take a hike or cycle a different loop.”


Would you like to ride the Purple Perfection cycling loop like Benny and Kristien did? Click here for more information about the route.  

Purple Perfection
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Purple Perfection
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Purple Perfection